About Us

Marketing and Branding

Ecliptik Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Montego Bay. We understand that communication routes have shifted from the conventional print, telephone, television and radio into routes where social and internet technology allows access to everyone at anytime. Our focus is on creating that bridge between businesses and their customers by leveraging the reach of social media and the internet to identify specific behaviors that locates these customers. Then through engaging communication, we highlight how the product or service will solve the problem being faced in their lives or businesses.

The interest of seeing our clients increase their presence and market shares both domestically and internationally in the shortest possible time is important to us and our technology and experiences are directed to that end results. We know customers are looking for your products and services and are now tuned in and easily reached on the flexible, digital platforms that market leaders are already utilizing. We are highly confident that having us a partners will increase your presence in the digital space, getting your company  results that are important to the daily operation.